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The historic relationships between healthcare industry participants is changing along with the change in the industry. Increasing levels of physician employment, expansion of the role of advance practice providers, growth in team based care models, development of changing care models such as patient centered medical homes, changing regulatory environments and the ever evolving payment mechanisms are impacting roles and responsibilities of a wide variety of industry participants. We help our clients navigate this increasing complexity through the following services:

  • Strategic Provider Needs Analysis
  • Integration of Ambulatory and Provider Strategies
  • Provider Alignment
  • Stark Compliant Physician Demand Analysis
  • Recruitment Strategies and Structures

Our analysis considers the demand for provider services based upon the demographics of your market and an analysis of the physicians currently practicing in the market. It considers not only the current situation, but also forward looking estimates based upon anticipated changes.

Case in Point

Our client looked to expand their market presence regionally through extension of their existing integrated delivery system model. A critical task in determining what markets to explore was identifying where new doctors could be placed without interfering with existing physician relationships. Capital Healthcare Planning surveyed a 26 county area and developed an interactive model for the client that allows them to accurately target physician development while avoiding excess cannibalization of existing volumes.


A medical staff plan is essential for planning and regulatory compliance. To cement your market position as well as ensure your community access to needed healthcare services, current and future availability of physician services must be planned for. Finally, any recruitment efforts that include financial assistance (such as income guarantees and student loan forgiveness) must be supported by an objective assessment of community need to pass regulatory scrutiny.

Capital Healthcare Planning’s Added Value

  • Performed a survey of over 1,500 physician offices creating a detailed database of physician supply that the client could then maintain and build upon for marketing and other needs
  • Developed a model interface that allows ad hoc analysis of any region and/or specialty within the clients market
  • Enhanced access to detailed information allowed the client to accelerate recruiting plans targeting several additional markets, increasing direct admits and referrals

Illustrative Work Product

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