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Although hospitals and health systems generally have individuals in place capable of providing financial analysis of strategic options, Capital Healthcare Planning is often asked to provide financial plans that present an independent view of outcomes. Our financial analysis services include:

  • Business Plan Development
  • Pro Forma Financial Projections
  • Financial Feasibility Studies
  • Real Estate Portfolio Optimization
  • Debt Capacity Studies

We believe that effective financial analysis is heavily dependent on an in-depth understanding of the risks an organization faces. Because our other services are based on an in-depth fact base, we can approach financial analysis with a similar view. In our experience, scenario planning and financial simulation can help an organization understand the financial implications of strategic and operational risk and, more importantly develop contingency plans and milestone alerts.

Case In Point

Capital’s client was faced with the loss of significant ambulatory volumes as a national imaging center provider attempted to entice market physicians to develop a competing center.  Thorough analysis exposed the true potential loss the hospital faced.  Findings in the analysis suggested opportunities in pricing strategies that enhanced the hospital’s competitive position.  Capital Healthcare Planning developed financial analysis supporting a joint venture facility backed by the hospital leveraging off of its strong managed care position defeating the competing venture


A well performed financial analysis includes comprehensive investigation, thoughtful analysis and detailed disclosure of the assumptions and foundations of the project. Capital Healthcare Planning provides clear, straightforward analysis leading to reliable forecasts.

Capital Healthcare Planning’s Added Value

  • Accelerated decision making by the hospital and Board by clearly delineating the pros and cons, risks and rewards of various actions
  • Positioned our client to capture a percentage of existing ambulatory business otherwise destined to be lost to a new market entrant.
  • Provided an independent third party proforma analysis for prospective investors increasing interest and confidence in the hospital’s plan

Illustrative Work Product

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