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Whether your project requires higher level facility planning or more specific detail developing programs at a room-by-room level, Capital Healthcare Planning has the expertise on hand to help. Our programming projects have ranged from a series of rooms in a reuse exercise, to hospital departments, to entire hospitals and campuses. Facility Planning services that we typically provide include:

  • System/Hospital Master Facility Plans
  • Renovate vs. Replace Analysis
  • Medical Office Buildings
  • Site and Land Use Studies
  • Space Programming

Our approach to facility planning is unique in that we believe that a facility plan cannot be considered in isolation. The most effective facility plans balance the strategic, operation, financial and facility needs to provide a long-range investment blueprint for the organization. Balancing these often times competing factors results in recommendations that can be implemented, are accretive to the organization, and improve operational efficiency.

Case in Point

Capital’s client, located in a rapidly expanding market, needed to grow its acute care facilities. A preliminary plan led by healthcare architects proposed a new patient tower replacing 50% of the existing beds and costing over $100 million dollars. Capital Healthcare Planning was retained to develop demand models and related space programs for acute care services. The resulting facility plan was more flexible. The plan reused many existing beds, responding to variations in potential need by leveraging existing facilities. The outcome was more appropriately sized, and priced significantly lower.


We plan for capital expenditures as if the money were our own. We believe hospitals can maintain better control of their facility direction and budgets by maintaining an intermediary between space and design. By standing between providers and architects in terms of facility sizing, we eliminate the potential for abuse in overbuilding by entities that are paid based on the construction budget.

Capital Healthcare Planning’s Added Value

  • Capital budgets were reduced $20 million, more in line with the clients expectations and their debt carrying capacity
  • Existing facilities were maximized and overall campus use streamlined
  • Departments were efficiently sized creating higher potential revenue generated per square foot

Illustrative Work Product

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