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Karen is a Senior Consultant with Capital Healthcare Planning. Karen brings value to our clients from her strong academic background in Healthcare Systems Engineering, Business Management and Biology, along with her passion for problem-solving and a proactive approach to achieving results. Prior to joining Capital Healthcare Planning, Karen was involved in multiple DMAIC projects focusing on patient safety, capacity, and efficiency with the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Karen has a keen eye for detail and enjoys understanding and analyzing data. Karen’s relevant experience includes:

  • Examined historical volumes, operational patterns, demand peak and trend analyses to identify key planning units.
  • Assisted with the development of a Tableau dashboard to present data to the client in a more engaging and interactive manner.
  • Assisted in a care network analysis – market prioritization plan to identify partnership opportunities.
  • Assisted in a market analysis to support the formulation of a master facility plan.
  • Conducted a comprehensive analysis of patient flow from the emergency department to inpatient units.

Karen holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from the Lebanese American University, and a Master of Engineering in Healthcare Systems Engineering from Lehigh University. She enjoys traveling, playing board games, and spending time with friends and family.

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