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Dwight Fan is a Consultant with Capital Healthcare Planning, specializing in market and competitor analysis for health systems. As a Consultant, Dwight’s responsibilities span across multiple projects:

  • Compiling databases and analyzing market trends to design strategies specific to each client
  • Building adaptable models for analysis to account for a multitude of potential strategies and outcomes
  • Assessing the positioning of each client and developing means of optimizing efficiency

Since joinng Capital, Dwight has worked with clients across the US, each requiring specific analytical models and strategies. Some typical experiences include:

  • Predictive Bed Demand Models
  • Service Line Optimization
  • Referral Streams

Prior to joining Capital, Dwight was President of Hanszen College at Rice University, and has previously conducted immunology research at Texas Children’s Hospital on cellular alternatives to vaccinations. He holds two Bachelor’s in both Biochemistry and Cell Biology and English from Rice University.

Dwight enjoys basketball and spending time with friends.

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