Market Research

In the healthcare marketplace, information is critical.  What do you need to know?  As you develop strategies directed at the marketplace are you sure if it is really what the market wants?  Why not ask them?  We have designed market research projects aimed at gathering realtime opinions of healthcare consumers including:

Case in Point

Capital's client wanted to consolidate a large number of physician offices into a single center.  The benefits were obvious, one-stop shopping for patients and cooperation among doctors in developing and treating patients.  They felt sure healthcare consumers would understand this.  Why not ask them?  Capital designed a random digit dialed consumer study reaching over 400 area consumers to gauge their opinion.  The results were surprising.  Most patients weighed the potential additional drive time as a far greater negative than any potential increased clinical benefit.  In many specialties, an increase in travel time of just 25% risked sending over half the patients looking for another doctor.  Older patients were found to strongly dislike larger centers preferring to maintain a close relationship with their local doctors. 

A well performed financial analysis includes comprehensive investigation, thoughtful analysis and detailed disclosure of the assumptions and foundations of the project.  Capital Healthcare Planning provides clear, straightforward analysis leading to reliable forecasts. 
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