Market Assessment

Strategic planning begins with a thorough understanding of your environment.  Capital Healthcare Planning provides a comprehensive analysis of your market's current and future characteristics.  Our clients are better prepared to meet the needs of the communities they serve.

Case in Point

Capital's client is an acute care facility located in a rapidly growing market.  With population rising quickly, the entrance of new market players is inevitable.  Four new competitors will enter this already highly contested market in the next 3 years.   While making plans to ensure their market position, the client considered doubling their current bed capacity.  Capital's chief task was to determine whether the client's aggressive expansion plans were in line with market demand and recommend final solutions.

Capital's market assessments provide in-depth views of the forces impacting healthcare providers in the communities our clients serve.  While population is a key driver, other components such as changing utilization patterns (shifts from inpatient services to outpatient and developing physician investor services, among others) and key competitor initiatives will determine shifts in market share.   Through long experience, Capital Healthcare Planning builds a multivariate view of your market providing you a detailed foundation as a base for developing appropriate strategic responses.

Market Assessment Services are not limited to but
most often consist of:

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