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Feasibility Studies

What projects should be undertaken?  How should they be targeted?  What strategies would utilize scarce capital most effectively?  These are the questions healthcare executives face every day.  Capital Healthcare Planning helps organizations test the waters on many types of capital projects including, but not limited to:

Case in Point

Capital's client, a health system with 6 hospitals, needed to expand its facilities to complete its market coverage and become more competitive in contracting.  Capital Healthcare Planning developed and tested a range of strategies (from ambulatory services to new hospital development) to determine the solution with the maximum return on capital.  Fully understanding existing managed care restrictions and designing strategies that curtailed and exploited them drove an aggressive solution.  Understanding the key factors within the entire market picture allowed us to suggest solutions appropriate in direction and scope.  We are currently working on detailed planning for a new acute care hospital that resulted from the initial feasibility study.

Identifying the limiting factors facing our clients is the key to determining the feasibility of any major project. 

Capital Healthcare Planning's Added Value

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